Monday, April 13, 2015

easter 2015

We had a low key Easter this year - lots of candy, dying eggs, eating ham, and going to church. It was great!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

palm sunday


We hope you all had a blessed Palm Sunday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

disney: day two

On our first full day at Disney we woke up bright and early - everyone was excited to get over to the Magic Kingdom!  Asher remembered being here before so he couldn't wait to see all of the characters and introduce them to his sister.

We were able to get breakfast right at our hotel, so after a quick bite (and a ton of packing for every contingency…gah) we were ready to roll!  Hadley and I were matchy-match with our Minnie ears today and loved it.

There's a live show that Disney does right as the gates open, so first thing we did was stop to watch that.  It's lots of singing and dancing and a great way to start the day.  Luckily for H she had a great view.  :-)

A few months ahead of time we booked all of our Fast Pass+.  You are able to get 3/day booked ahead of time and after you use them all can add one at a time.  We knew from experience that the character meet-and-greets are Asher's favorite and can be long waits, so we used quite a few fast passes for those.  The first one we had booked was meeting Mickey Mouse!  

Traditionally Hadley has been more wary of characters, so we weren't sure how it would go for her.  She LOVES Mickey and Minnie and we just hoped that love would conquer fear! ha!

It did.  :-)

(everyone was such great sports about wearing the silly shirts I made!)

Out in Town Square (just as your enter through the front gates) Minnie Mouse and Pluto have spots where they meet people.  This doesn't have a Fast Pass option and they only stay about an hour, which we didn't realize.  After we met Mickey we came out and saw Miss Mouse herself as she was leaving her post.  Hadley about went ballistic with excitement…until Minnie kept walking and didn't give H a "big hug, big tiss!" - then poor Hadley started crying.  And crying.  BLESS HER HEART.  We knew then that tomorrow we had to make seeing Minnie priority numero uno.

We rode the Disney Railroad for fun and decided to stop at Frontierland.  As we were getting off the train we had a birds-eye view of Woody and Jessie with a really short line!  Cha-ching!  The kids haven't seen the second Toy Story and didn't know who Jessie was exactly but that didn't slow them down at all. 

It cracked me up how tall Woody is.  I mean, Asher barely came to his belt buckle.  ha!

After meeting Woody and Jessie we went on a few rides.  The kids both LOVED the tea cups, Dumbo, and Aladdin's flying carpets.  Asher still isn't a fan of roller coasters of any kind, so we kept the rides pretty mild.  Hadley is a complete daredevil and probably would have loved them!  Next time.

By this time everyone was starving so we grabbed some lunch.  Asher practically fell asleep in his corn dog and as soon as we were done declared "I"m ready for my rest in the stroller."  Um…you're 5.  And don't nap anymore.  So…we kind of only have a single stroller and it's reserved for your sister.  This is how that went...

I stayed with Asher while he snoozed and everyone else enjoyed the Country Bear Jamboree and the Tiki Hut shows.  After they were done and 1.5 hrs had passed it was Hadley's turn for a nap so Ash got evicted.  We may have bribed him with ice cream.  It worked.  Drew and his parents decided to take Asher to the shows since we missed the first viewing (lucky them, ha!) and I walked Hadley in the stroller so she could rest.  Little lady wasn't missing anything so when it become obvious that a nap for her wasn't in the cards I gave up and did a photo shoot instead.  :-)

I've been wanting to take this picture ever since I made these shirts, so we made brother meet us when his shows were over.  Luckily there was a live show going on at the castle so people weren't walking in front of me and the kids were enthralled with watching.  #highfive

Love, love them.  Never grow up indeed.

When we booked this trip for early March I looked at the weather and traditionally it's in the 60s in Orlando, so I made us all long sleeve shirts.  Gah, mistake.  It got up around 80 (or higher - boo) and we were sweating like crazy.  Luckily I packed some "emergency" short sleeves in my bag and could change the kids.  It bugged me more than it should that Hadley didn't have a Disney shirt on for half of the day, but it really was an emergency, so I dealt.  ha!  

Ahhh, coolness.  Finally.

After Hadley's non-nap and some pictures it was time to meet Buzz!  Asher's favorite!  Hadley didn't know what to make of him.

Asher's favorite ride is the "Buzz shooters" so we did that a couple time while we were in the area.  His second favorite ride, it turns out, is the People Mover.  He's such an old man in a preschooler's body.  Love him.  :-)

The timing worked out perfectly for us to use our last FastPass+ after Buzz.  We booked it to have priority seating for the afternoon parade.  This was a mixed blessing and I don't know if I'd recommend it.  The FastPass+ was great because it was really easy to get front row seats, but it was a bummer because it was at the very END of the parade route which meant waiting longer to see everything and it was in the direct sun.  HOT.  HOT.  HOT.  Anyway, the parade itself was great and the kids loved seeing all their favorite characters!

Hadley's little hand waving at Rapunzel.  I die.  

We had dinner reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern this night and hoped to catch the electrical parade after that.  Of course, as soon as we got to the restaurant Hadley fell asleep on my shoulder. We let her snooze in the stroller so I could eat then my mother-in-law and I took her back to the hotel to sleep for the night.  The boys were still going strong thanks to Asher's nap (the kid knows how to plan ahead, I'll tell ya) so they saw the parade and met us back at the hotel for dessert and fireworks.  It was such a great day - there were literally no meltdowns and everyone had a lot of fun.  Day 3 would have a lot to live up to, but we were willing to try!

up next - Disney day 3!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

disney: day one

After a couple days of beach fun it was finally Disney day!  Woot!!  While Drew took the kids to the pool in the morning I packed our bags and set out their outfits, magic bands, and new pals to surprise them with the news.

Hadley wasn't sure what it all meant, but this guy was SO excited!

Since we were coming from only an hour away we decided to drive at nap time and arrive at our hotel in the afternoon.  We didn't have park tickets for this day, but figured the room would be ready and we could head right down to the pool for some swimming fun before our dinner reservation.

I got to sit in the back of the mini next to this guy and, let me tell you, it was the best seat in the car.

His enthusiasm was contagious.  

We stayed at the Contemporary Resort this time around and had an amazing view of Cinderella's Castle!  The Contemporary is right on the monorail so it's a great choice if you're looking for an easy way to get to and from the Magic Kingdom.  We may or may not have ridden the monorail for fun.  ;-)

After swimming we hopped on the ferry boat for a trip to dinner at a neighboring resort.  We could have taken the monorail, but thought the kids would get a kick out of the boat ride.  They loved it!

I didn't get many pictures of swimming or dinner (sorry, blog) but both were a lot of fun!  By the time dinner was over we were all pooped out and ready for bed.  Hadley was so tired she didn't make it back to the room before she fell asleep, bless her heart.  The rest of us powered through a little longer so we could see the fireworks from our balcony.  Disney certainly doesn't do anything halfway.  Amazing!

Up next:  the Magic Kingdom!   

Monday, March 9, 2015

florida fun: beginning and end

We took the kids to Disney World for 2 days in the middle of our visit but the beginning and end were spent having the kind of fun you can only find in Florida!

Our first morning we woke up to rain, but we didn't let that dampen our spirits.  Warm rain means you can splash in puddles without boots or coats!  #winning

After the rain cleared off we did a lot of swimming.  This girl is completely fearless and will surely be the death of me.  

Daddy is in charge of swimming with her because the sudden jumping in and diving face first gives Mommy a heart attack.  And gray hair.  

But she's so brave and that makes me happy.

Asher loved swimming too!  We are still working on getting him out of the puddle jumper and swimming by himself, but he's the opposite of his sister and said a pretty clear "no way jose" to that idea.  Guess another summer of swim lessons is in the cards for this boy!

Since it was still in the 30s at home it was pretty exciting for me to bust out some spring clothes and dress the kids up for dinner.  They are good sports about pictures for the most part.  Gotta love some fresh-from-the-shower slicked down hair.  ha!

You can basically put those 2 things - pool and eating out - on repeat for our whole trip.  We also squeezed in some beach time but it was really windy most days so I didn't risk taking my camera down there.  After we got back from our days at Disney the kids were excited to still have a few days left to go back to the beach and swim at the pool.  I think going in the middle of our trip was a great plan - after Disney we still had fun to look forward to!  

Asher got a "bubble gun" as his Disney souvenir and both kids loved playing with it.  It lights up and has been a major hit ever since.

We love visiting Papa Gene and Grammy Linda in Florida!  Next up…Disney Day 1!

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