Monday, January 26, 2015

the new year

Confession:  Instagram ate my blog.  I used to be so faithful about blogging, but, to be honest, between IG and other things that keep me busy the time for the blog kind of slipped away.  I really miss having a record of our day-to-day, though, so I'm trying to make more of an effort to get on here more frequently.

Drew gave me a new tripod for Christmas so we gave it a try the other day.  The kids get a kick out of the self-timer flashing, which ended up being great for pictures!

Here's to seeing the blog more often - happy 2015!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas 2014

Drew and I were hopeful (again) that they would feel better in the morning so we set up Christmas morning one more time for a do-over.

Yay!  The next morning they were both feeling so much better and were really excited for gifts and our Christmas.  :-)

Stockings are always a big hit and this year was no different.  Candy for the win!

Hadley was really into opening gifts this Christmas.  I think her birthday was great practice.  She kept holding up boxes and saying "what inside?  Let's see!"  It was so cute - haha!

This was easily the year of the Ninja Turtle.  Between Asher's birthday and Christmas our house has become turtle central.

I love these people, my people, even when they can't smile, won't look, or are too busy combing My Little Pony hair to take a picture.

It was a pretty rough Christmas this year.  Being sick is the worst, but we're so grateful to have had a second chance at Christmas morning for these sweet kids.  Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 26, 2014

pre-christmas 2014

This year we headed to New Jersey to enjoy Christmas with Drew's family.  It was our first big car trip in quite while so everyone was pretty excited.  Can't you tell?

We got there the Saturday before Christmas to give us a chance to see all of the boy cousins - Asher was thrilled to be with "his guys."  He loves being with the big kids and they are so sweet to include him when they play.

A little later I told Asher and his cousin to "get together and smile" in another part of the room and when Hadley heard me she hustled over to the tree and got in position.  Except…no one was taking pictures there.  Bless her heart, she was so confused.  ha!

Since we left home so many days before Christmas we didn't get to all the fun things I had planned.  Luckily there was some free time in NJ so one afternoon we made cookies.  My goal was to replicate the trees done by The Doughmestic Housewife.  I call nailed it.  ;-)

Unfortunately, after Tuesday things went downhill quickly.  Hadley got really sick on Christmas Eve day and Asher wasn't feeling so great either.  Since they were both under the weather Drew and I decided to miss the family Christmas Eve celebration.  It was such a big disappointment - this get-together is the main reason we traveled up for the holiday - but the kids needed us so what can you do?

Hoping they would be better after a good night's rest (and a Christmas miracle, maybe??) we went ahead with the Christmas prep.  Bitty baby got a new bed and it needed some assembly.  Luckily a couple elves were available for the job.

The next morning the kids were even worse.  104 fevers, super lethargic, and just miserable.  There isn't anything more pathetic than kids who are too sick to want to open Christmas presents.  :-(

With them both being so sick Drew and I decided that the best thing would be to go home.  Everyone feels better in their own beds, right?  We hit the road early Christmas morning with all the presents in tow and spent the day driving down 95.  Luckily we made it without any "incidents" and the kids did really well.  They both still had high fevers - yuck.  To be continued…

Monday, December 22, 2014

visiting santa

We don't talk about Santa very much in our house since we want to make sure that the kids grow up with a firm understanding of the true reason for Christmas, but Asher has shown a lot of interest in him this year - presumably because of his exposure at school and from watching "Elf," of course.  Drew and I don't have a problem with Santa as long as he stays fairly low key so we decided to take the kiddos to visit the big guy.  Asher was SO excited and couldn't wait to see Santa in real life.

Hadley typically hates characters in costumes, so I was worried that she'd freak out.  I was really surprised when she sat right with him and listened to everything that he and Asher were talking about.  Must have been the combination of Asher trusting him and the fact that he was a person (and not some big animal mascot or whatnot) that made it ok for her.

We took the kids to Bass Pro and it was fantastic!  They let me take my own pictures and their Santa was really sweet with the kids.  Does anyone else get creeped out by the angry looking Santas??  I was so grateful that this guy was jolly (as he should be).

I love how children are so anxious to believe in things.  There's a reason God tells us to come to Him like a little child.  Living this excitement through them is the best.

Love my babies, love Christmas.

And to all a good night.

Friday, December 19, 2014

december happenings

A quick catch up of all the fun we've been having this month!

The MOPS group I'm in had their Christmas brunch, so, naturally, Hadley and I had to twin it up.

Chilly days mean cute sweatshirts - thanks Uncle Chris and Aunt Lisa for my birthday present!

I made Asher and Hadley some Christmas garb and loved how they turned out.  My days of making things for Asher are numbered, so I'm happy to have had one more year to coordinate them.  :-)

A little silly is good for the soul.

Asher had a really fun birthday with lots of Ninja turtle gear and a new bed tent.  The whole family is a fan of both.

December has blessed us with some beautiful weather.  Who doesn't love an afternoon at the park in only long sleeves??

Oh, happy Hadley.  She's the sweetest.

Polar Express day at school means jammies!

I monogrammed this little backpack for Hadley and I still can't believe how well it turned out.  Seriously, I doubt I could replicate this if I tried - ha!

Little Miss has decided to unleash all the sass she's had pent up over the past 2 years.  This time her disdain was because we didn't drop everything to get her a vitamin.  The poor dear.

Asher went to his first college basketball game!  He loved it!

It's been a great month with lots of fun for us!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

frozen on ice

Last May I got an email that Disney's Frozen on Ice would be coming to our town in December.  Both of the kids love Frozen and it was going to be showing on Asher's birthday so I booked our tickets!  It was basically forever ago that I bought the tickets so as the date got closer it got more and more exciting.  First up, a stop for bagels!

We decided to surprise the kids with the show and I thought Hadley's dress might tip them off, but when you're 5 and 2 wearing a costume out and about it totally normal.  I love how neither of them thought it was weird that Hadley was wearing her Anna dress out to breakfast that morning. Kids are so easy to surprise.

When we got there both of them were completely overwhelmed by all the excitement.  Bless their deer-in-headlights looks.  ha!

I've never seen a Disney on Ice show myself so I was pretty excited too!

It was such a fun show and we all loved it.  Great way to start Asher's birthday!!

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