Saturday, August 20, 2016

grammy and pop pop camp

Asher and Hadley really know how to pack in the fun.  They spent a week with my parents and lived to the max!  Of course, it helps when the grandparents pretty much only say "yes" - ha!

Asher and PopPop went to see Asher's favorite baseball team, the Durham Bulls.

Obviously snow cones are an important part of baseball.  :-)

Actually, snow cones are an important part of life in general so a few days later we all went for one.  Noel didn't get to taste any but he did get his picture taken in the SnoBalls photo prop.  

While at Grammy's house Noel decided to sleep through the night for the first time!  That's worth celebrating.

These big butterflies loved Mom's flowers and Hadley was obsessed with them.  She kept wanting to touch them and I told her so many times not to touch the butterflies!  

"But I want them to sit on my finger, mommy"  Oh Had.

When in the south we wear coordinating smocked seersucker.  Love it!

On Sunday Asher got a special trip to Sky Zone...

while Hadley went to get her nails done.  She picked pink sparkly polish and was feeling mighty fancy.  I'm pretty sure my first manicure was the day before my wedding.  Kids these days!  ha!

Noel slept all night was had complete crap naps, so he got to rest in my arms one day.  We really need to work on napping friend.

Sweet brothers hanging out together!  Noel was so glad to be back with Asher!

On our last day Mom and I took the kids to Bounce U for some bouncing time.  It was SO STINKIN HOT so we needed some indoor active things to do to get their energy out!

It was a fun, fun week for them and they cried when we had to leave.  Well, we all cried when we had to leave.  We miss living here!  PopPop has already put in a request for a 2 week visit next year.  It was too quick!

Thank you Grammy and PopPop for an amazing week of treats and adventures!  We love you!

Monday, August 15, 2016

noel august {six months}

Noel August, you are SIX months old!

That's half a year, friend!  Slow your roll mister - this is too much.

Noel, you are such a joy.  Everyone who meets you comments on how smiley a boy you are.  You have a big grin for everyone and they love it!  Being a joy spreader is such a gift. 

A few days before your 6 month birthday I finally gave you some solid food.  You've been eyeing our food for awhile now and getting upset when we don't share, so I figured it was time.  Plus you have TWO teeth that broke through and are ready to chomp on some goodies.  Your first food was bananas and it's safe to say you loved it.  I hope you'll stay my good eater!

faster mama!

The day before you turned 6 months old you celebrated by sleeping all night long!  That's 12 hours friends, 7:30-7:30!  Of course, mommy got up at 5 to pump, but that's ok.  I'll take that any time you care to do it.  Here's hoping it becomes our new normal!  Your naps are still pretty bad.  I'm putting you down after 1-2 hours of awake time but you only sleep for 45 minutes or so before waking up crying.  By the end of the day you are SO TIRED (and cranky) so I hope you get napping down pat soon.  You'll feel better if you do, I promise!

Noel, you still love your siblings the most.  Any time they are running around you are watching and smiling.  You love to be up in the Jumparoo because it gives you a good vantage point for all the crazy happening around the house.  I know before long you'll be chasing after them, getting in on the fun.  Asher loves to sit next to you in the car.  The other day you were fussing and he started singing to calm you down.  You stopped crying to listen and he said "I love you Nolie, I'm your big brother and I'll always be here for you" - melt my mama heart.  

Your eyes are a bit of a mystery color.  They often look blue, but have a ring of gold/brown as well.  They aren't bright blue like Asher's and they aren't solid hazel like Hadley's.  You have a color all your own!  People always tell me how much you look like your Daddy (and you do) but I see some of me too.  I think as our last little baby you are a perfect mix of all of us.

At 6 months, Noel...

* weighs 16.6 pounds
* has TWO teeth
* sleeps mostly through the night - sometimes with 1 wake up to eat and sometime with none!
* wears size 6 months and 6-9 months
* wears size 2 diapers (moving to size 3 as soon as these are gone)
* loves baths
* loves the playmat and Jumparoo!
* smiles all the time
* doesn't nap worth a darn
* still nurses 4x a day and sometimes 1x at night
* eats solid food - bananas + oatmeal 2x a day

Noel August, this time last year we were expecting a baby bear, but we didn't know it was you!  You've exceeded our expectations for what a third baby would bring to our family.  The big kids love you and Daddy and I can't believe we got so lucky.  Gus, you have an infectious grin and bring joy to all those you meet.  You're our guy and we love you so!  Happy 1st half of a year Noel!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

mommy and noel week

After Knoebels Asher and Hadley went with my parents for a week at Grammy and PopPop summer camp!  They were so excited to travel with them and stay all by themselves (but together - they didn't want to be apart) for a week of fun.  Noel and I drove home all by ourselves and got ready for our week of mommy/baby time!  Drew unexpectedly had to go abroad for work so it was really just me and the little guy.  

Here's how Noel felt about being an only child.  ha!

Since I knew the big kids would be gone I planned all of my annual doctor visits, car repairs, and house projects for this week.  Needless to say, Noel and I were busy.  It really ended up being only 4 days between when we left Knoebels and when we headed to Raleigh to join the fun so we packed a lot in.  You guys - one kid is easy as pie!  (except when it's your first, then one kid is H-A-R-D).  Noel and I got a lot done and it felt great.

This week I decided to bite the bullet and give Noel his first solid food.  I've been waiting since I really wanted to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months.  We made it 5 months and 3 weeks, so that was great.  Noel has been complaining when people don't share their food with him, so I knew it was time.  We always give bananas as a first food - Noel was a huge fan!

He kept grabbing my arm to get the spoon back faster.  It was too funny!

Precious big boy!

Noel and I also watched a lot of Olympics.  It wasn't nearly as much fun watching alone but we did our best.  I saw this tweet and it completely cracked me up.  The athletes are amazing and I think having an Average Joe competitor would really put things in perspective, ha! 

We had a great week but missed Daddy and I big kids a lot.  Our house was too quiet and we were excited to go find them in Raleigh!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

fun at knoebels

Growing up we had a summer tradition to spend a day at our local amusement park called Knoebel's Grove.  I haven't been there in probably 10 years and was so excited to take the kids this year!  One great thing about Knoebels is that they have rides for all ages, so there were lots of things that Hadley could ride by herself, lot of rides that Asher was into, and even roller coasters for our 12 year old nephew.  We met my parents and sisters right when it opened and got right to having fun.

On the first ride Hadley acted scared, but I think she was just pretending to get close to PopPop.  ha!  After this one whenever she got on something she'd say "I can ride.  I will be drave."

Asher has been SO EXCITED to go to "the a-museum park" and had no qualms about getting on rides.  Just this summer he's become much more of a daredevil and couldn't wait to ride everything!

Asher was especially excited because his big cousin Owen was there for the day too.  Getting to ride with and hang out with a 12 year old is pretty darn exciting for a 6 year old!  Owen was a great sport and did lots of rides with Asher.

Hadley rode this little cars with PopPop the first time through.  She wasn't sure at first and being with him eased her fears.  After that first trip she realized they are fun and no big deal so after that she insisted on riding by herself.

Look at this little lady driving herself around town!  Gah - love her!

Noel was such a trooper all day.  He was happy to alternate between the stroller, the Lillebaby carrier, and people's arms.  I expected him to meltdown at some point, but he never did.  I was able to nurse him a few times, then he'd nap in the carrier.  Sleeping and eating are still his biggest needs, so as long as they were met he was good to go!  

I got the kids a special treat in the afternoon - Asher requested ice cream and Hadley wanted a cherry Icee.  

Hadley was so sweet and shared a taste with everyone who wanted one.  Asher is a professional vacationer and didn't need anyone to show him how to double up on sweet treats.  ha!

 One our way out of the park we passed the big log flume ride and the guys asked Asher if he wanted to ride.  To my BIG surprise he said yes.  I thought it would seem too much like a roller coaster to him and he'd turn it down.  They all scrambled over to get in line and before I knew it they were flying down the hill and soaking wet.  I looked to see if Asher was screaming or upset, but he wasn't.  At all.  He was laughing and LOVED it!

He walked over dripping wet and immediately asked if they could go on again.  Owen was game, so off they ran to get in line.  Who is this big boy and where did my little guy go??  Love, love how brave he was and that he had so much fun!!!

It was such a great day - we can't wait to go back next summer!  Asher and Hadley went with my parents at the end of the day to start a week of Grammy and PopPop camp.  Noel and I drove home and started our week together.  I have endless appointments lined up and sweet Noel is in for some sleeping bootcamp.  Fun times for all!  :-)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

august happenings: week one

I can't believe it's our last month of summer!  The kids don't go back to school until after Labor Day, so we plan to enjoy the whole month off!  Noel kicked August off by dressing up.  Babies in button downs crack me up.

Asher kicked August off by getting a huge splinter in his foot.  He's extremely squeamish and freaks out when I need to use the tweezers.  Luckily Dr. Mom was able to distract him with TV and the promise of a treat afterwards to get this thing out.

I've been searching for some shams for Hadley's bed forever and finally found some that I like!  How about that precious blanket at the end of her bed?  Drew's great grandmother made it for him before he was born (and they knew that he was a boy).  Grandma Linda had saved it and thought it might go well in Hadley's room and she was 100% right.  The colors are perfect!!

Asher laid down next to Noel to take a picture and it went really well.

"Mommy, the baby keeps grabbing me!"

These guys.  Love them!

 I started weeding around our patio and quickly realized that it was more weeds than grass.  Should have just hoed the whole area up and saved some time.  Feels good when it's done though!

 Noel had a very big day this week!  He rolled from back to belly!!

Now he's everywhere and if I leave the room you never know where he'll be when I come back.  ha!

I haven't done much in the craft room since our beach trip, but when my good friend asked if I could monogram her daughter's backpack for Kindergarten I couldn't say no.  How sweet is this little bag!

Noel was ready for the Summer Olympics to start on Friday!  USA!  USA!

Thanks to summer camp Hadley had a round of pink eye this week (yay!).  I told her it was time for her eye drops and found her like this.  ha!  She's a pro.

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