Sunday, January 31, 2016

january happenings - weeks three and four

The kids didn't have school and Drew didn't have work on MLK Day so Asher and Drew went for a special day of snow tubing.  I was a little worried that Asher would be scared, but he LOVED it and can't wait to go again!

While the boys were tubing Hadley and I had a special day of our own.  We did some shopping and Chick-Fil-A.  Woot!

Hadley's favorite Christmas gift was this $8 Princess umbrella that Drew and I picked up on a whim at Toys R Us.  She had been waiting and waiting for a rainy day to use and January finally delivered! She was thrilled.  

Until it got in the way of her jumping in puddles, then it had to go.  ha!

Hadley loves to "check on" the baby.  She always wants to lift my shirt and listen to the baby's heartbeat with her medical kit.  Then baby brothers gets a little snuggle at the end of his check up.  So darn cute!!

The belly is large and in charge these days!  While it's getting harder to move around and much, much harder to sleep I love being pregnant and will miss it so much when it's over.  This is our last baby so every day is precious.

See.  They grow so fast!

Asher got a Chia pet for his birthday so we got Kermit a-growin' this month.  This thing cracks me up!  We kept it until Kermit got moldy (ew) then he had to go.

This mug is a bit of a joke.  Drew got it for me for Christmas and didn't realize when he ordered just how loooong it is.  Longer than Hadley's arm for sure.  I still love it and so does H!  :-)

Asher's 100th day of school is coming up in February so we have to get ready!  I'm trying to do as much before the baby is born that I can!

The quilt fabric arrived, so it became my nap and night time project.  I decided to do a herringbone quilt and combined a couple different online tutorials to make the size and design that I wanted.  When I made Asher a quilt I just made a baby size and it got small so quickly.  I wanted to do something longer lasting for baby brother so this one I made twin size.

I just love how it turned out!  I do remember why I don't make many quilts though - So. Much. Work.

Worth it, though.  :-)

Baby brother is making it well know that he'd like OUT pretty darn soon.  My new favorite past time is watching the crazy ways he moves.  His most active time is in the evenings so it's fun to sit on the couch and see what happens!  

Less than a month to go before he's due to arrive!  Crazy!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

the BIG snow

Even since it first got cold the kids have been asking us when it will snow.  Since we lived in North Carolina for the past few years neither of them had experienced much snow.  New Jersey was having a really mellow winter until it decided to make up for lost time and DUMP feet and feet of snow on us in one day.

I mean, really.

Luckily this all happened on the weekend so Drew didn't have to worry about work at all and the kids were out of school.  

I went out for a little while but there weren't too many snow clothes that fit the ole belly.  ha!  Plus every time I came out the neighbors would swarm and make sure I didn't need to get a car out to head to the hospital.  That would have been impossible so I'm grateful that baby bear was happy to stay put!

How adorable is this lady?!

She loved the snow for a few minutes - until her hands got wet and cold - then she was ready to come back inside with me and the hot chocolate.  :-)

The next week it warmed up a lot so the snow didn't last long, which was A-ok by me!  Snow days are fun, but we don't need to be snow bound for weeks.  This isn't Alaska.

Monday, January 11, 2016

january happenings - weeks one and two

We started 2016 by doing our favorite New Years tradition - watching the Rose Bowl parade!  Asher and Hadley enjoyed watching the parade from the cozy confines of their new sleeping bags.

I found these cute felt envelopes in the Target dollar spot and thought they'd be fun and easy to personalize for Asher's class Valentines.  I picked up a bunch of goodies to stuff inside as well!

It's a little early for V-Day, but just in case baby bear makes an early appearance I want to be ready.  These turned out so cute!  

This was a big week for Miss Hadley.  Since August she has been on a mission to stop sucking her thumb.  To ease the transition we offered her a pacifier and once she was comfortable with "no thumbs" we worked on weaning off the pacifier.  It's been a week since she slept with a paci and to celebrate this HUGE milestone Hadley got her very own pair of fairy wings!

She was so proud and too precious!!

I've been working on some projects for the nursery.  I decided to do the room in navy blue and kelly green and just picked out and ordered fabrics for the baby's quilt.  I'm excited!

I also made a few changing pad covers.  I've never done these before, but they were really easy.

We were gifted a new bouncy seat for baby bear.  Hadley helped me put it together and test it for safety and comfort.  Her baby doll gives it 2 thumbs up.  :-)

I love walking through the halls at school and finding random displays with Asher and Hadley.  Love this kid.

Asher and Hadley both started swim lessons this week.  Asher has been taking them for a couple years, but H is just now old enough to have lessons without me.  As an 8 months pregnant mom, this was beyond necessary.  I was a little worried about her being timid or afraid without me, but I don't know why.  She went right in and joined the class like she owned the place - ha!

So far 2016 is starting off on a great note!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

december happenings

To fill in the gaps of our December around the big events of Asher's birthday and Christmas...

Our church had a unique twist on Christmas this year called "Cosmic Christmas" that used parts of the Star Wars story to tell the Christmas story.  Because of that each year a new "special guest" showed up at services.  We are big Chewy fans.  :-)

Asher wasn't so sure, so we had to catch them a little apart - ha!

Darth Vader also made a visit.  Asher was excited to see him but Hadley just clung to me and said "he is not my best friend.  I no see him!" - so we took the picture instead.

I made this top for Hadley when she was just over a year was a dress then.  We squeezed into it for one final Christmas season.  It's my favorite and I'm so sad it will be too small next year.

Me and my best girl sharing some snuggles (with baby brother stealing the foreground - hellllo belly)

Being in preschool means having lots of parties and special events!  Hadley is lapping it up.  Merry Hadley!!

Each month Asher's class writes a book based on the theme of the month.  In November it was thankfulness.  When the book came home for us to look through I teared up at A's page.  I love how he loves her - and vice versa.  I don't know what they'd do without each other.

We have a new niece joining our family in March.  After the Polar Express ride we had a shower for her, so I had to make a few little somethings to put with our gift.  

Speaking of making gifts, I whipped up these apple clipboards for Asher and Hadley's teachers.  I'm still learning how to use my Silhouette, but I love it for gifts like these!  I also did a few Christmas tea towels for Asher's teacher.  Next year I make some towels for me!

One other special gift I made using my Silhouette were these ornaments for my Dad and his siblings and my mother-in-law and uncle.  I was able to scan their parents' handwriting off old birthday cards and create ornaments to remind everyone how much their mom loved them.  :-)

My sewing project this holiday were these cutie pie ruffle Fair Isle leggings!  I love them and the tiny sizes make me swoon!!

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying this chalkboard?  So far I've changed it for fall, Hadley's birthday, Thanksgiving and now Christmas.  This was my most involved drawing and I just love it.

I bought this PlanetBox lunchbox for Asher last summer after reading lots of great reviews on it.  We've used it everyday so far and I l-o-v-e it!!  So great for packing while using zero zip bags!  Asher is a grazer too, so he loves the small amounts but wide variety that it allows for.  A+

Asher started playing basketball through the Y earlier this month.  The first night was for everyone to come at once, meet their team and get jerseys.  It was CRAZY.  Kids running everywhere - tons of noise!  Asher and Hadley bravely entered the fray hand-in-hand.  

I love that birthdays are a big deal in Kindergarten.  I was able to go and celebrate with Asher by reading a book to his class.  Then he put on his crown and we all sang to him.  He was just beaming and SO excited that I came.  Love, love, love this 6 year old!!

Every year I like to add one tradition to our Christmas season.  This year it was Christmas bedding!  I thought about getting Asher Grinch sheets (he loves the Grinch) but I realized that we wouldn't see them much since they'd be under his covers 99% of the time.  Instead I got the Grinch duvet cover and it's perfect!  The duvet insert is so soft and fluffy that baby brother and I decided to put our feet up on Asher's bed one day at nap time.  It was a great idea.

Baby bear and I had our first pregnancy hiccup when we failed the 1 hour glucose test.  I sailed through that test with the other 2 kids so I'm not sure what was different this time.  I was really sick for over a week leading up to it, so maybe that caused a problem?  At any rate, we got to spend Saturday morning at the lab getting blood drawn every hour for 3 hours.  Luckily we passed the 3 hour test, so no gestational diabetes!

Drew and I have been talking to the kids about how Christmas is about much more than getting presents and Santa.  We decided to be "the Wilkinsons who care" by baking cookies and taking them to the nurses who take care of Grandpa Fred.  One Sunday after church we packed up our cookies and headed over to the nursing facility.  Both Asher and Hadley were excited to bless the residents and nurses - they fought over who got to carry the cookie tin.  Of course.  haha!  The older folks just love little kids and we got lots of smiles during our visit.

One not so great part of our December was getting Hadley's allergy testing done.  She had an immediate reaction to a tiny bite of walnuts when she was about 18 months old and we simply avoided them as a precaution.  Her preschool needed a doctor's note saying she either wasn't allergic or that she had an Epi-pen on hand in case of emergency, so I made an appointment with an allergist for testing.  It turns out that she's still highly allergic to walnut and also showed a reaction to pecans.  Now we're the proud owners of an Epi-pen!  Bless her heart.

Drew and I decided that Hadley's crib will be used for the new baby, so we went ahead and ordered her new big girl bed.  She loves it!  I can't believe she's ready for a bed already, but it's been a few nights and she's sleeping great with NO falling out.  Hurray!

These kiddos headed off to their last day of school before Christmas break in full festive mode!

For Christmas Drew gave me a great Yoda shirt so of course I had to wear it when we took baby bear to see the new Star Wars movie on New Years Eve!

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