Friday, October 31, 2014

happy Halloween!

It's a week of special events - first was Hadley's birthday, next up…Halloween!

Asher really loves the "How To Train Your Dragon" movies so when he asked to be 'Toothless Dragon' for Halloween I couldn't say no.  One of my main goals in life is to dress these 2 in coordinating costumes for as long as I can get away with it  - ha!  Since Hadley had no opinion this year I decided that she would make an excellent Viking (spoiler alert :: the Vikings fought with, but eventually came to love the dragons in the movie).

Happy Halloween from Toothless the Dragon and his (stinkin' adorable) Viking friend!

Can I just say that these costumes make me happier than they should?  There's just something about dressing little kids up in cute hats and letting them run around and use their imaginations that's so fun.

I had a hard time finding a nice dragon costume, so I decided to make this one for Asher.

Annnnd since all the Viking costumes for girls were completely inappropriate (don't get me started) I made Hadley's too!

{Disclaimer :: I didn't make the hats.  Crochet is not my wheelhouse so high five to Etsy for that one!}

Can we pause for a quick second and talk about this girl?  What is it about a hat that's a little too big to increase the cute factor by 1000x??

I mean, you guys.  That face kills me.  She's so great and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

We hope you all have a fun night of trick-or-treating.  Personally I'm excited for the mommy candy raid coming up later.

Monday, October 27, 2014

happy birthday hadley!

Hadley Fern, you are TWO years old!

I can't believe it.  I really can't believe that it's been 2 years since I was sporting that big ole belly, wondering when we'd get to meet you face to face.  But it has been, and your Daddy and I are so happy that you are here!

Your nickname is happy Hadley and you truly are.  Your infectious smile and mischievous grin lights up the world around you.

Hadley, you've never met a stranger.  You smile, wave and say "hi!" to everyone we see while out and about.  People can't help but smile back, of course.  :-)

You are still a petite thing - weighing around 22 pounds.  Since you love to be held, I don't mind that you're small.  In fact, it's kind of helpful.

Just recently you've started talking up a storm.  You love to ask "what's that?" and then try to repeat whatever it is back to us.  A lot of what you say is still a little garbled, but you're making great strides!  You just started saying "I'm sorry" with the cutest inflection.  It's impossible not to forgive whatever you're apologizing for when you ask so sweetly!

Lately you have become a more picky eater.  Oh how I miss the days when you'd gobble up anything nearby!  You're favorite foods are fruit, hummus, snacks of any kind, cereal, cooked carrots, green beans, pizza, grilled chicken (with LOTS of BBQ dip), and chi-chi (cookies).  A pretty good variety, but getting you to try new things has been a challenge.

Your favorite person is Asher!  You call him Baba and always want to know where he is.  There has been more than one preschool drop off where we left with you crying because you wanted to stay with Baba at school.  He's really come around to you too.  Every time we meet one of Asher's friends he pulls you over and says "Please meet my sister Hadley.  She is a nice girl."

And you are.

Every night before bed we pray with you.  A couple weeks ago you started initiating by throwing your little arm out and saying "pay.  pay!"  I love watching you develop a love for the Lord.

Oh Hadley, we adore you so.  Thanks for making our family so much better!  You add a spice to us that we didn't have before.  We love you Haddie boo.  Happy 2nd birthday!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

beach pictures

I love pictures of kids at the beach.  Is there anything that goes together better?  I knew that this year on our vacation I wanted to try and get some of my cuties at the shore.  I also knew that going during the "golden hour" (just after sunrise or just before sunset) was my best shot at getting beautiful light without harsh shadows or squinty eyes.  I was worried about missing our chance so the first night we went out a little too early.  These pics are cute but the shadows bugged me… I made everyone try again the next day.  haha!  The kids were such troopers about getting dressed late in the evening and Drew was a trooper about being the helper again.  Getting photos of 2 under 5 is never easy, but I'm SO glad we went back out.  Love these!

Love, love our sweet kids - and the beach!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

beach life :: twenty-fourteen

We just got back from our annual family beach vacation!  Drew and I look forward to taking the kids each year and, I have to say, each year it gets better.  Hadley wasn't walking last year and that made it hard to be on the beach with her, but this year she was running all over and loving it!  The house we rented with Drew's family was so gorgeous - right on the ocean, rooms for everyone, and a fun pool with a zero-entry side which was perfect for the little ones.

Asher wasn't a fan of the sand and surf for the first couple years of his life, but he's done a complete 180 and couldn't get enough this year!  He dug, built, splashed, then started again.

Hadley, on the other hand, could often be found here…

She liked the sand and enjoyed finding shells, but mostly she's of the "R&R" school of beach vacation.  Give her a beach chair and some snacks and she was good for a long while.  A girl after my own heart.  ha!

One morning while we were beachin' it a storm started rolling in.  It didn't seem that bad until I looked back at these photos later.  Yikes!

I gussied up a little swimsuit coverup for H and it met all my adorability expectations.

Surpassed only by her tiny ponytail - I die.  Love her!!

I took some beach photos of the kids but they need their own post so I'll just leave you with these few of our girl and boy on their own.  Sweethearts!

We had so much fun - more beach posts to come!
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