Saturday, May 2, 2015

april happenings: week four

This is our last week of living in North Carolina.  We move north on May 2nd!  Hadley and I went to the mall to pick up a couple things on Monday.  There are 2 different malls we go to and one of them has a carousel and one doesn't.  This is the one that doesn't and, unfortunately, I had to break the news to H.  She was devastated.  #dramaqueen #herheartcantgoon

PopPop was mowing the lawn and Hadley was keeping a close eye on things.

Looking through the door wasn't cutting it so we got the supervisor a chair.  She appreciated it.  :-)

We had a string of beautiful days and that calls for a picnic at the park!  Asher and Hadley both have a deep love for "picnic lunch" - especially when it happens at the park with a carousel (had to make up for that big mall disappointment on Monday)

My parents took us out for dinner and a movie this week!  We saw Disney Nature's "Monkey Kingdom" - Asher loves animal documentaries and Hadley loves popcorn, so it was a win-win.

Every day we try to take a picture to send to Drew.  The kids are getting pretty good at knowing what to do.  Cheeeeese.

Miss Hadley learned about Queen Esther in Sunday school and wouldn't take her crown off for the rest of the day.  Actually, we still have it and wear it daily.  That little smirk - LOVE her!

So much Hadley to smooch... 

I ordered these cups from Simply Made with Love for Asher's teachers.  They turned out so cute - Leah did a great job!  Having my machines in storage so I can't make my own gifts has been SO weird, but it's awesome to have friends who are super talented and can help me out!  :-)

I found these blank bags in the Target dollar spot and had Asher decorate them for his teachers.  He decided to draw them a map to his new house in New Jersey (wahhh!).  Asher loves his teachers and has had such a great year in school.  I'm really sad that we can't stay until the end of the year so he can graduate with his class, but it can't be helped.  We are grateful for the time we had here and will celebrate Asher's big achievement of finishing preschool while we are in NJ.  

Moving is so hard.  We are beyond excited to have Drew home full time (this traveling 3-4 days/week has gotten really old) but are sad to leave our friends and life here at the same time.  I know God has great things for us in New Jersey - can't wait to get there and get started!  

Sunday, April 26, 2015

april happenings: week three

After school on Wednesday we needed something fun to do, so an impromptu trip to the jumping place was just the ticket!  They have this giant 2 story climbing structure and Asher was crazy about it.  He must have climbed and gone down the slide 50 times.  I helped Hadley climb a bunch of times too so that was my exercise for the day. :-)

Now just imagine her with a Seventeen magazine instead of a giant coloring book and I think I can see 12 years in the future.

On Friday night Drew and my dad took Asher to a minor league baseball game (go Bulls!) and I got this text from Drew.  Fun times were had by all - especially the guy behind them.  ha!

Hadley was SO sad not to go to the ball game.  I made it up to her by letting her have a solo bath in Grammy's big bathtub.  She thought she was very big, very special stuff.  

Once in a while they melt my heart out of no where :-)

On Friday we went to the park and met some friends for a fun afternoon.  The weather was perfect!  The only problem was that these kids are looking much too old.  Where did these 2 kids come from?!  Not liking this big kid swinging thing for Miss Hadley one bit.

After the park we met Drew for pizza and Hadley insisted on dipping all of her apple slices in marinara sauce.  Really gross, but it made her so happy I couldn't bring myself to stop her.  Crazy kid.  

While we were waiting for our table at the pizzeria Asher suddenly started complaining that his ear really hurt.  He was totally fine at the park so I'm not sure what happened.  By the time dinner was over he was crying and kept saying how much it hurt so the next morning I took him to the pediatrician.  Ear infection!  Poor guy!  This is the first one he's had in a couple years and he was a trooper about it. 

Sunday morning Drew had to make his big move to New Jersey.  Work isn't paying for his travel anymore so we won't see him until we make our move up.  Sad!  It was a rainy miserable day, but the kids needed to get some energy out so we played in the rain and scootered in the garage.  We made the best of it!  

It's going to be hard not seeing Daddy for a few weeks - we'll be keeping busy to pass the time until then!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

april happenings: week one and two

After our quick trip to New Jersey we got back just in time to celebrate Easter with my parents.  Asher and Hadley posed for some great pictures for me - who needs to see their faces? 

Then I gave them the "all clear" signal and they trampled each other trying to get away.  Happy Easter everyone!  ha!

After church Hadley dressed in her bunny best.  She's the cutest!

Is there anything sweeter than the blooms kids bring?  Love my thoughtful littles.

While Asher is at school Hadley and I run errands.  Even though it was a rainy day she insisted on leaving her sunglasses on.  I hate being recognized at the grocery store too - really slows down the shopping.

My parents have a small creek in their back yard and the kids love playing down there.

I told Hadley she could put her feet in...then this happened.  Heaviest. Diaper. Ever.  ha!  You're only young once, right?

This sweet girl is my partner in crime - and the cutest!

The pine pollen has exploded this week and everything, everywhere is covered in yellow.  I'm pretty sure I heard my car sneeze this morning.  Gah.

Drew and I love to watch Project Runway together and this fall he went out of his way during a business trip to NYC to buy me a shirt from the one and only MOOD!  I was so surprised and excited to open this up on Christmas morning!  Since it's short sleeved today was my first day to wear it and was infinitely better because I did.  "Thank you Drew!"

Asher went to a birthday party for a school friend on Saturday and his best girl insisted on sitting next to him.  His whole class are friends with each other but these two are especially good buddies.  I'm going to be SO SAD when we move.  :-(

It's been a busy but fun start to spring!

Monday, April 13, 2015

easter 2015

We had a low key Easter this year - lots of candy, dying eggs, eating ham, and going to church. It was great!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

march happenings: week four

This week the kids stayed with my parents while Drew and I took a long weekend to do some house hunting in New Jersey.  We were met with a bunch of snow which was so not cool NJ.  Not cool at all.

The great news is that we found a place!  It is still under construction, so the next week the kids and I came up to start making some design decisions.  The house is slated to be finished at the end of June so we will probably move up north in May to be local full time, then move into the house as soon as it's ready.  It's a long drive from NC to NJ and after lunch I told the kids it was nap time.  They needed a little privacy to make it happen - ha! 

Luckily our drive took us right past my sister's house so we stopped to visit her family and stretch our legs a little.  Hadley was especially excited to see baby Kee-un.  :-)

Maybe a little too excited.  Hug-fall down, anyone?

The house is coming along!  Can't wait for it to be finished so we can be in a home of our own again!  :-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

palm sunday


We hope you all had a blessed Palm Sunday!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

march happenings: week three

The third week of March was our first full week living with my parents.  The kids love it when PopPop comes home from work.  We usually take a walk/scooter ride around the neighborhood and Hadley inevitably ends up hitching a ride at some point.

On Tuesday the kids and I went to the Durham Life & Science museum to visit the dinosaur trail.  We came here last fall and had a great time so we thought one more visit before we move would be fun!

And, of course, we had to stop for snow cones on the way home.  These kids love them some snowballs.

This sign cracks me up.  I sure hope Batman remembers to get his $1 discount when he goes to Pelican's SnoBalls!

Hadley LOVES to get a "yittle cart" when we go to Trader Joe's.  I really have to keep my eye on her though because she also loves to do her own shopping with the cart.  On this visit I retrieved grapes, 2 pounds of pecans, butter and mini cupcakes from her cart before we left - ha!  

Rainy days call for Target browsing.  We do it well.

The kids have had a lot of adjustments this month and have done great with having their spaces redefined and being flexible.  Drew and I decided to take them on a special date to Build-a-Bear as a surprise treat over the weekend.  Hadley picked a bunny and Asher found Toothless Dragon.  :-)

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