Sunday, December 20, 2015

the polar express

This weekend we had a fun chance to ride the Polar Express!  Our whole extended family came so that made it extra fun!

The kids were just a little bit excited before we left ;-)

So far this winter has been really mild and warm, but today (of course) was the first COLD and WINDY day.  That kind of weather goes with the Polar Express well enough, but we had to park a ways away and wait outside for a shuttle so that brought out spirits down a bit.  These Southern kids just aren't used to the cold!  Once we got on the train things perked right back up.

Asher wants to know the exact plan for everything, so he kept asking if we were going to the REAL north pole or if this was just pretend.  We hate to crush his 6 year old-ness, but also don't want to lie to him, so we compromised by explaining that it was a real train ride, but that we wouldn't see the actual North Pole this time.  

He was ok with that.  :-)

Hadley, meanwhile, was completely worn out just getting on board and conked out a few minutes into the ride.  Bless her heart!

We had hot cocoa and cookies, then Santa came by to visit everyone.  Hadley was awake by this point, but wanted nothing to do with the big guy.  Asher was excited though!

H stuck with this big guy instead.  :-)

The ride was so much fun and we can't wait to go again!  I'm sure baby brother will love it just as much as the big kids did.

Such a fun start to the Christmas week!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

happy birthday asher!

Asher Thomas, you are SIX!

How can that be??  These 6 years have passed in a blink!

On Saturday we had Asher's birthday party at a local gymnasium.  We've learned that an active party is almost always a great party.  This one was no exception!  The kids ran, jumped, swung, and played until they were exhausted.

Hadley was old enough to participate and she was right there (trying to) keeping up with the big kids.   

The instructors led the kids through a couple different stations and every stop seemed pretty popular! Asher loved being first in line each time and in the center of the parachute - birthday perks are the best!!

Asher really had fun and that was the most important thing to us.

Towards the end everyone started to visibly drag.  Look at sweet Hadley waiting for her turn with her clasped hands.  She's hanging on by a thread - ha!

After gym time everyone was ready for cake!

Happy 6th birthday Asher!  We love you so much and can't imagine our family without you!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

happy thanksgiving!

This year we had been planning to host Thanksgiving at our house, but between Hadley's party, starting full time school for Asher, and being pregnant, I just wasn't up for it.  Luckily Drew's parents live nearby and were more than willing to host, so we took them up on it!  Hadley's BFF cousin was there and they were 2 peas in a pod!  :-)

Every holiday needs a kids picture and every year Thanksgiving is our WORST photo of the year.  It's good to have things you can count on.  

Emmy helps.  :-)

Drew likes to help me get my camera settings right by being the test model.  Back off ladies, he's taken.  

Lots of cousins to play with at Thanksgiving this year!  Asher and Hadley are so lucky to have lots of close in age cousins!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with so much good food, friends, family - what else can you want?    :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

november happenings - week four

Hadley found these Mr. Potato Head glasses and insists on wearing them saying "I wear my smart glasses like Pop Pop"  ha!

I tried to get a Christmas card photo of the kids and, as per our usual, every pic was a winner.  #lovelychildren

We live about 30 miles for New York City in a suburban New Jersey town, so I'm shocked every time we see what I consider major wildlife in our back yard.  These deer hung out with us for a long time and weren't nervous of us at all!

I'm still working on Christmas wear around here, but Hadley has a new dress for the holiday.  It's a bit longer than I meant to make it so we might save this one for next year.  ;-)

This is Thanksgiving week. so a special post just for that is coming up!

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