Monday, February 29, 2016

noel's newborn photos

I had planned to hire a photographer to take newborn photos of Noel, like I had with the other kids, but it just didn't work out this time around.  Of course I needed to document his little snuggly time, so I took some myself!  I'm not a pro, but how could this guy take a bad picture?  :-)

Baby stink eye ;-)

As I was finishing up big sister came home from school and stepped right in as assistant photographer.  Thank goodness - ha!  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

getting into the groove of things

The next few weeks after Noel came home are a bit of a blur.  Newborn haze is a real thing, friends.  All of those day and night feedings (every 2 hours around the clock - Noel seriously was born with an internal atomic clock) are no joke.  The first weekend after he came home the weather was beautiful and I was feeling some major stir craziness, so we decided to take the kids out to the park.  

Noel got wrapped up in the Solly wrap - which I l-o-v-e!!  Mama is looking rough, but what can you do.  (yikes).

Before Noel was born Asher and I prepared his 100 day project.  I knew I wouldn't feel up to doing a project the day after giving birth so we got ready a little early.  Asher and I worked together to cut up this 5x7 photo of him to make 100 Pieces of Asher! 

Besides that I did a lot of newborn gazing and snuggling.  While the early days are exhausting with day/night confusion, lots of breastfeeding, and a hormonal rollercoaster they are also so special.

Tiny baby trying out his BIG crib for a rest.  That didn't last long - he slept in the MamaRoo in our room at night.  :-)

Drew was able to take some time off from work to be home and I was so grateful.  He helped keep things normal for the bigger kids - like doing Hadley's hair.  ha!  (we fixed it before she left the house)

Adding a new person to the family is such a big deal.  I'm so proud of the way that the older kids transitioned to welcoming Noel.  He's our last little baby and I tried to enjoy every minute of every stage with him!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

noel's homecoming

Two days after he was born Noel was released from the hospital.  We headed home on Wednesday morning February 17th.  For the first time in any of my 3 births, the check out process was very efficient and fast!  We were out of there in no time - ha!

Baby bear got dressed for the first time in his coming home outfit.  When I found this in November I knew it had to be what he wore home.

I can't believe how tiny he was.  And how quickly he grew!

Since we were able to leave by 10:30 Drew and I decided to stop at school on the way home to pick up Hadley.  She gets out at 11:00 so the timing was perfect and we knew she'd be thrilled to see the new baby (and me!).  We were 100% right.  Noel and I waited in the car - when Drew brought her out I stepped out of the car to meet her and she jumped right to me.  Maybe not the best for a fresh-from-the-hospital postpartum mom, but I could take it.  ;-)  Hadley got in the van and went right over to his car seat to touch his feet and stroke his arm.  She kept saying "he's so small.  I lub him!"  When we got home she wanted to hold him right away.

And my heart melted into a big puddle.

I mean...


After she held him for a bit, Hadley decided she needed some Mommy snuggle time too.  We really missed each other while I was at the hospital!  Best friends together again. :-)

While Hadley was taking her nap Asher came home and got his special time alone to meet Noel.  He had been telling everyone at school about his baby brother on the way for months, so he was really excited to finally meet this person that we've been anticipating!  

This time was nothing like when Hadley joined our family for him and I'm so grateful.  Poor Asher really struggled with that transition but this time he was SO excited for a baby brother and life went on for him like normal.  

Grandma Linda had been taking care of the older sibs while I was at the hospital, so she was at our home and anxious to meet little Noel too!  We are so grateful to her for stepping into my role for a time - having a baby is no small feat and I absolutely couldn't have done it without her help.

When Hadley woke up we finally got to see all three of them together.  Love them!  I'm praying they always remain close and can care for each other all throughout life.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  
A cord of three strands is not easily broken.  Ecclesiates 4:12

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

noel's second day

After Noel was born they moved us to a postpartum room on another wing of the maternity ward around 11pm.  We were all exhausted after a long day of labor (and being born) so I got a quick bit to eat and went to sleep.  Noel didn't like his bassinet one bit so he and I ended up snuggling together for most of the night.  He was nursing a lot so that was worked out great. I think between his natural ability for it and my experience we were a pretty seamless breastfeeding team from the word go.

All of that nursing meant that I didn't get much rest so Drew held him a good bit the next day.  I woke up from a nap to find them snoozing together.  :-)

Tiny peanut!!

We'd had some snow the day before and this day (2/16) it was raining like craaazy, so we decided to skip having the older siblings come visit.  I really wanted to see them, but we were in a teeny tiny room and between that lack of space and the storming weather we weren't sure how it would work out.  This really bummed me out, since it meant we wouldn't have the experience of seeing the big kids meet their little brother in the hospital.  Despite that, I appreciated the quiet time for just Drew and I to get to know Noel.

Funny story, I can't tell you how many people asked me what his name was while he was wrapped up in this swaddle.  I mean, it's only written 293968 times on the blanket.  ha!  I'm guessing they looked right past it - and I don't blame them, but it still cracked me up.  I felt like the Disney employees who have to come up with a polite and helpful response to the question "What time does the 3:00 parade start?"

His name is Noel August.  N-O-E-L.  Yep, not No-elle.  Just one syllable.  Rhymes with Joel.  :-)

Bless their hearts.

Like his big sister, Noel found his fingers and thumb right away!

Ahhh - cute boy!

Being born is exhausting work.

Day one was down with no problems at all!  Noel passed his hearing test, ate like a champ and pooped lots.  Everyone was really happy with his progress on being a real boy!

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