Monday, February 15, 2016

he's here!

Baby bear has arrived!!

Noel August
born February 15, 2016 at 7:24pm
6 pounds, 9 oz

Everyone is healthy and we couldn't be happier!  More details to come!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

february happenings - week two

So the second week of February wasn't so great to us.  First up, a fast heavy snowstorm did this to the tree in our front yard.  Bleh.  We're SO grateful that it fell away from the house and that no one was hurt when it crashed.  It fell directly across our driveway, so my biggest concern was getting out to pick up Asher and Hadley at school!  Luckily Grandma L was in town so she drove over to rescue us!

Baby boy reached 38 weeks!  We're ready for him any day :-)

This cute girl loves wearing her "cozy robe" and kills me every time I see her in it.  Love her!

Easter is pretty early this year so I decided to get their Easter buckets personalized before the baby comes.  I have a green one for the new little guy but I'm holding off on putting a name on his until he's born and I know 100% what his name will be.

This week was Asher's 100th day of school.  Everyone did a "100th day project" by collecting 100 things.  Asher and I worked together to cut a 5x7 photo of him into 100 pieces and make "100 Pieces of Asher".  He loved using the big paper cutter and gluing all of the pieces on.

Asher had his final basketball game of the season on Sunday (Valentine's Day) so Hadley wore her "fancy hearts" glasses to watch.  I waddled myself to the Y to cheer him on - but it wasn't easy.  ha!

Getting so close to the baby's birth day!

Friday, February 12, 2016

valentine's day

The kids had Valentine's Day parties at school this week.  Hadley dressed for the day, of course.  :-)

Every time we go to the store Hadley asks to buy flowers.  She loves fresh flowers!  Her daddy bought her a special Valentine's bouquet and she was so excited to have them right by her bed.


I knew this would be one of the last times I could easily volunteer in Asher's class so I made a point to be there for his Valentine's celebration.  He was so excited that I came and that made me feel amazing.  I love him and this age so much!

Luckily his teacher is super accommodating and said that Hadley could come to class as well.  She was thrilled to be involved and "have school" with the big kids.  I planned a little marshmallow engineering project for the kids.  They loved it - but really (really, really) wanted to eat the marshmallows.  ha!

We had a day filled with love.  It's hard to imagine having another little one to love on next Valentine's day!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

february happenings - week one

This is it!  Baby month!!  Woot!

Asher has been asking every day if the new baby will be born today.  His due date isn't until the 23rd so I'm hoping to make it a few more weeks.  Asher's also gotten more curious about the nitty gritty of how the baby makes his appearance.  Oh my.

I've been doing some projects this week - probably my last before the new baby arrives.  First up are big/little brother bear shirts and a big sister bear shirt!

I also made a few birthday shirts for some cousins and friends.  

I pretty much have the nursery done - yay!  Just a few details with his name on them that will be revealed after his arrival.  :-)

Drew and I rearranged the seats in the van to make room for the infant seat.  Asher was SO excited to ride in the 3rd row, which is a huge blessing since sometimes he doesn't love change.  We just need a passenger for the bitty seat now!  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

january happenings - weeks three and four

The kids didn't have school and Drew didn't have work on MLK Day so Asher and Drew went for a special day of snow tubing.  I was a little worried that Asher would be scared, but he LOVED it and can't wait to go again!

While the boys were tubing Hadley and I had a special day of our own.  We did some shopping and Chick-Fil-A.  Woot!

Hadley's favorite Christmas gift was this $8 Princess umbrella that Drew and I picked up on a whim at Toys R Us.  She had been waiting and waiting for a rainy day to use and January finally delivered! She was thrilled.  

Until it got in the way of her jumping in puddles, then it had to go.  ha!

Hadley loves to "check on" the baby.  She always wants to lift my shirt and listen to the baby's heartbeat with her medical kit.  Then baby brothers gets a little snuggle at the end of his check up.  So darn cute!!

The belly is large and in charge these days!  While it's getting harder to move around and much, much harder to sleep I love being pregnant and will miss it so much when it's over.  This is our last baby so every day is precious.

See.  They grow so fast!

Asher got a Chia pet for his birthday so we got Kermit a-growin' this month.  This thing cracks me up!  We kept it until Kermit got moldy (ew) then he had to go.

This mug is a bit of a joke.  Drew got it for me for Christmas and didn't realize when he ordered just how loooong it is.  Longer than Hadley's arm for sure.  I still love it and so does H!  :-)

Asher's 100th day of school is coming up in February so we have to get ready!  I'm trying to do as much before the baby is born that I can!

The quilt fabric arrived, so it became my nap and night time project.  I decided to do a herringbone quilt and combined a couple different online tutorials to make the size and design that I wanted.  When I made Asher a quilt I just made a baby size and it got small so quickly.  I wanted to do something longer lasting for baby brother so this one I made twin size.

I just love how it turned out!  I do remember why I don't make many quilts though - So. Much. Work.

Worth it, though.  :-)

Baby brother is making it well know that he'd like OUT pretty darn soon.  My new favorite past time is watching the crazy ways he moves.  His most active time is in the evenings so it's fun to sit on the couch and see what happens!  

Less than a month to go before he's due to arrive!  Crazy!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

the BIG snow

Even since it first got cold the kids have been asking us when it will snow.  Since we lived in North Carolina for the past few years neither of them had experienced much snow.  New Jersey was having a really mellow winter until it decided to make up for lost time and DUMP feet and feet of snow on us in one day.

I mean, really.

Luckily this all happened on the weekend so Drew didn't have to worry about work at all and the kids were out of school.  

I went out for a little while but there weren't too many snow clothes that fit the ole belly.  ha!  Plus every time I came out the neighbors would swarm and make sure I didn't need to get a car out to head to the hospital.  That would have been impossible so I'm grateful that baby bear was happy to stay put!

How adorable is this lady?!

She loved the snow for a few minutes - until her hands got wet and cold - then she was ready to come back inside with me and the hot chocolate.  :-)

The next week it warmed up a lot so the snow didn't last long, which was A-ok by me!  Snow days are fun, but we don't need to be snow bound for weeks.  This isn't Alaska.

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