Thursday, September 3, 2015

baby peanut on the way!!!

Hey!  The exciting news just keeps on coming!

We're expecting baby #3!!!!!

This baby is such a blessing and has been prayed about for over a year now.  I love how we'd hoped to be pregnant last summer, but God knew how hard it would be for us to have a newborn when we sold our house and ended up homeless for a few months.  Although we were disappointed for awhile we see now how the timing couldn't be better and we're thrilled to be welcoming our little peanut in February 2016.  :-)

Asher has been working hard to teach Hadley everything she needs to know about being a big. They are both really excited and ask me every. single. day if it's February today.  Love them!

Around 8 weeks I was having a lot of severe abdominal pain so my doctor sent me for a quick ultrasound to make sure the baby wasn't ectopic or having some other kind of problem. Everything was just fine and I got the first little peak at our baby peanut.

So cute!

I haven't taken many belly pictures yet, but I will say that third babies don't mess around.  The belly was out and here to stay by 12 weeks, easily.

{cleaning the new house at 12 weeks}

More official belly pics to come!

At 12 weeks, 3 days we had the first trimester screening for Trisomy 13 and Downs.  We're blessed to report that everything looks perfect so far and little mister/miss is growing like a weed!  

I mean, really though, how perfect is this little cutie?!  For the record, I'm really conflicted on what the gender is.  At first I was positive it's a boy, but then my symptoms started mimicking how I was with Hadley, so now I'm not sure.  They say every baby is different, so I guess it could go either way regardless of how I feel.  :-)

Today I'm 15 weeks, 2 days and felt the first little flutter movements.  This is my absolute favorite.  Can't wait to feel this little one moving and grooving all the time!  The first trimester was filled with exhaustion and nausea, so the second trimester has been welcomed with open arms.  Feeling baby moving is just the icing on the cake.  We love you peanut!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

we moved!

Our move is finally over!  Five months and two weeks after we moved out of our North Carolina house, we moved into our new place.  It felt like longer than that.  But now we're here and so happy!!

Thanks to my in-laws watching the kids for over a week Drew and I were able to clean the house really well and get a lot of boxes unpacked before we moved in permanently.  The kids were THRILLED to come into "the new house" and see all of their toys and bedroom things from our last place.  I honestly think they believe a lot of it was gone forever.  Bless their hearts.  I'm so grateful we could prep the spaces before they came to stay!

The movers came on Saturday and by Tuesday night we were unpacked enough to stay here full time.  It was wonderful!

Our first weekend here Asher asked if we could get a cookie cake to celebrate the new house's August birthday.  What could I say?  It was a great idea and a tradition in the making.  :-)

We're so happy to have our own space again and are anxious to make "new house" our home.  Yay!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

august happenings: week one and two

Asher and Hadley's new favorite thing is making funny faces (which I personally find a little more terrifying than funny, but oh well - haha)

Our sweet Hadley has been a thumb sucker since before she was born.

Then she kept it up on her birth day.

Not surprisingly, it wasn't a habit we could convince her to give up as a newborn.  She's been sucking her thumb at sleeping times ever since she was born and we noticed recently how it's affecting her front teeth already.  Drew and I decided it was time to try and help her break the habit so we rigged up this thumb guard.  Bless her heart.  She had a really hard time at first so we gave her a pacifier to help with the transition.  So far she's doing amazing!

Our house is almost finished!  Asher is at summer day camp this week so H and I have been running errands and checking on final things at the house.  She's wearing her outfit of choice (of course).

I've been hearing amazing reviews on this Planetbox lunch box so I decided to take the plunge and get one for Asher.  I hate all the baggies we typically have to use and since he loves packing his lunch I know we'll be using this a LOT in the coming years.  We gave it a go during summer day camp this week and it's been great!  There's an ice pack to help keep things cool and Asher hasn't had any trouble getting it open.

While at my in-laws this week they found a picture of baby Drew and the resemblance to H is pretty ridiculous.  ha!


Friday, July 31, 2015

july happenings: weeks three and four

Our first two weeks in July were spent driving to, enjoying, and returning from the beach - then, of course doing the piles of laundry and getting back to normal.  Regular life commenced for the second half of the month.  :-)

A rainy Tuesday called for our first movie theater movie in a long time!  We went to see "Inside Out" and it was amazing.  Much, much better than I was expecting!  Asher and Hadley love going to the movies and really enjoyed the treat.

The house is coming along nicely, but is still a few weeks away from being finished (about 6 weeks past our original estimated closing date - boo).  We stopped by to check on some things and the kids loved seeing "new house".  :-)

Asher got a BIG treat this week and went to a Yankees game with his grandparents!  It's lucky we live in NJ now because this poor boy had NO Yankees shirts and we were able to pick one up at Target.  #targetforthewin

I think he had fun.  ha!

Asher goes to summer day camp next week and I had to personalize his backpack, of course!  He'll use it for school and I didn't feel 100% comfortable putting his name on it, so we compromised with initials.  The backpack is from Pottery Barn Kids, but their embroidery has left me disappointed a few times so I chose to do it myself.  Worked out great!

Friday, July 10, 2015

beach pics - 2015

As is now our annual tradition I took some photos of Asher and Hadley at the beach.  These two are just the best.  :-)


Wahhh - they are getting too big!

oh dear.

If it was up to me, the ruffle bubble season of life for little girls would be much, much longer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

life's a beach - 2015

Over the week of July 4th we took our annual trip with Drew's family to Charleston and the beach!  The view from our room was two thumbs up.

The kids both loved the beach and water this year so it was especially fun!  These three are the best.  :-)

This guy was impossible to keep out of the water!  His first few years he wouldn't even put a toe in, so it's especially exciting to see him loving the ocean.

Hadley meanwhile made friendly with her uncles.  ha!  If there's a 2 inch space Hadley will fit.

One morning I woke up extra early for some reason, so I walked to the beach by myself to enjoy the sunrise and have my quiet time.  So very beautiful.

We had a bit of rain, but every day had lots of sun and there were no complaints from anyone!

When Drew and I were in Grand Cayman we visited a starfish bay where there were 100s of them all together.  I never expected to find one in the ocean, but this little guy tumbled right to my feet.

Asher was proud of his shell.  :-)

On the 4th of July all the cousins got dressed alike so we could celebrate (and take a grandparent Christmas card photo ;-) ).  They are so cute!

This little lady, though.  

We had such a fun week!  Can't wait until next year!

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