Sunday, May 31, 2015

sesame place

The wedding party was only about 30 minutes away from Sesame Place so we decided to take all the little cousins there on Sunday.  Who doesn't love rides and Big Bird?!

Right inside the gate we ran into Super Grover.  Hadley was only excited while Daddy held her hand.  :-)

Look at this adorable crew.  I might have made the girls' shirts.  ;-)  The kids were such troopers.  It turned out to be a HOT day and really, really crowded.  Since we were in the area for a different event we didn't have a choice on when we went, but if you can choose I'd highly recommend going during the week.  Holiday weekend visits are for the birds.  

Some of the cousins are afraid of characters, so Hadley and I split off from the group when I spied Abby Cadabby.  We waited in line and gave her "BIG hug, BIG tiss!!"  I love this sweet girl!

Really though, is there anything better than seeing your kids happy and excited?

We changed the kids into their swimsuits in the afternoon and let him cool off a little in the splash areas.  Drew was the brave one who also put his suit on and took them on the lazy river.  Asher loved it!  Hadley hated the life jacket, which made the whole experience bad in her opinion.  I wished I'd had my suit.  Did I mention that it was a HOT (HOT) day?

We had such a fun day! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

a wedding celebration

Last weekend we traveled to Pennsylvania to celebrate Drew's cousin's marriage.  He and his wife were married a few months ago, but decided to wait until Memorial weekend to celebrate with their friends and family.  It was so fun to see everyone!

The day was absolutely beautiful and the outdoors made a wonderful setting for the party.  They had a tent for the tables and a dance floor - Hadley was so impressed.  She loves to dance and this "center stage" was right up her alley.  ha!

The outdoor setting made it great for the kids (there were 30 kids under 18!).  There was space for them to walk all over and they loved the lawn games.

Asher was a big fan of the buffet - ha! 

Meanwhile, Hadley personified dancing like no one's watching.  She's a hot mess and found her equal in Emmy!  These two are just a few months apart in age and had so much fun dancing together.

Haddie LOVES bigger kids and was tickled pink when her big cousins took her under their wings.  So stinkin' cute!

These two stole my heart.  There's just something about daddy and daughter dancing!  

Even when it's mostly spinning and she's laughing like crazy.  :-)  

Such a fun afternoon to spend with our family and celebrate gaining a new member!

Monday, May 25, 2015

may happenings: week three

Hadley and I went on a mommy-haddie date on Monday morning.  Starbucks have these ad-or-able mini Frapps right now and they are everything a mini drink should be.  Not as cute as the girl sipping on it, but close.

After 2 months of having my embroidery and sewing machines packed up I finally couldn't stand it any longer and busted them out.  Naturally I had to test the machine on a shirt for myself.  Had to make sure it was working properly.  ;-)

After seeing a friend with a doll booster seat I've been keeping my eyes peeled for one for Miss H.  I knew she'd love it!  I found this one at Babies R Us and it was an immediate hit!

This little sister sure looks up to her big brother.  Love them.

Asher was trying to double dutch at the party without much success so Drew handed him his beer and (literally) jumped in to show him how it's done.  I almost died laughing.  Hey, he's still got it!  

The Sunday after our family wedding event we took the kids to Sesame Place!  It was a great day and such a cute amusement park!

Drew was super dad and bravely took both kids on the lazy river by himself.  Asher loved it so much they did a second loop - Hadley, not so much. 

Happy Memorial Day!  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

may happenings: week two

Happy Mother's day to me!  I love these two so much!  Most days I can't believe I've been entrusted to raise them.  They are such a blessing to Drew and I.

On Mother's Day we all went to visit Drew's grandparents in their nursing home.  I'm so grateful that Asher and Hadley have the chance to meet and spend time with their great-grandparents.  How wonderful does Grandma Stella look for being in her 90s?!  

On Tuesday the kids and I took a road trip to PA to visit my sister and her family for a very special reason...I'm an aunt again!!  Erin and Ryan recently adopted little Penn and the kids and I got to meet him for the first time.  He's the sweetest little peanut!

While in town we had to go to Chocolate World to see the sights and breathe the amazing smells.  There's a fun ride you can take through "the creation of chocolate" and the kids loved it.  Lots of music, animatronics, and free chocolate at the end.  What's not to love?  :-)

My parents have been so kind to send us our mail (for a couple crazy reasons we are without an address right now - need to stay one step ahead of the law, you know...gah).  They included some important things we forgot at their house in the mail package, like Hadley's queen crown!  She was so grateful to be reunited with her jewels.  

One of the great things about living in NJ is that some of our good friends from Cleveland have family here and visit regularly.  We were able to meet up with them for brunch on Sunday!  So fun!  The kids weren't into taking a group picture so mine will have to do to document the day.  ha!  Next time.  :-)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

may happenings: week one

On May 2nd the kids and I packed up the mini and headed north for the last time.  We were making the permanent move!  Our house isn't ready yet, so we'll be living with my in laws for the duration.  Leaving North Carolina and my parents was so hard.  The kids were sad and so was I!  I'm so grateful we had these past 2.5 years to live near them.  

The next day was my birthday!  Drew and I went over to the new house to check on the progress and I was so happy to see this gorgeous cherry tree in bloom next door.  I'll love seeing it every spring!

When Hadley saw this chocolate peanut butter cake that my mother-in-law made for my birthday she said "I have some your hummus cake, mommy?" bahaha!  Hummus cake sounds like maybe the worst birthday cake I can imagine, but I see where she was coming from.   

Hadley loves to try Asher's scooter so we decided it was time for her to get one of her own!  It's still a little big for her, but she's determined to get it down and keep up with her brother.  I might be biased, but the cuteness is kind of off the charts here.

Wait.  Cuteness trumped.  Don't you eat ice cream sandwiches by eating one cookie, then rubbing your face in the ice cream?  Oh.  Strange.

I love how well she naps.  I mean, come on - this is professional level work. #toesout #headburied #donotdisturb

Asher and Hadley made some Mother's Day crafts for their grandmother and great-grandmother.  Handprint crafts for the win!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

april happenings: week four

This is our last week of living in North Carolina.  We move north on May 2nd!  Hadley and I went to the mall to pick up a couple things on Monday.  There are 2 different malls we go to and one of them has a carousel and one doesn't.  This is the one that doesn't and, unfortunately, I had to break the news to H.  She was devastated.  #dramaqueen #herheartcantgoon

PopPop was mowing the lawn and Hadley was keeping a close eye on things.

Looking through the door wasn't cutting it so we got the supervisor a chair.  She appreciated it.  :-)

We had a string of beautiful days and that calls for a picnic at the park!  Asher and Hadley both have a deep love for "picnic lunch" - especially when it happens at the park with a carousel (had to make up for that big mall disappointment on Monday)

My parents took us out for dinner and a movie this week!  We saw Disney Nature's "Monkey Kingdom" - Asher loves animal documentaries and Hadley loves popcorn, so it was a win-win.

Every day we try to take a picture to send to Drew.  The kids are getting pretty good at knowing what to do.  Cheeeeese.

Miss Hadley learned about Queen Esther in Sunday school and wouldn't take her crown off for the rest of the day.  Actually, we still have it and wear it daily.  That little smirk - LOVE her!

So much Hadley to smooch... 

I ordered these cups from Simply Made with Love for Asher's teachers.  They turned out so cute - Leah did a great job!  Having my machines in storage so I can't make my own gifts has been SO weird, but it's awesome to have friends who are super talented and can help me out!  :-)

I found these blank bags in the Target dollar spot and had Asher decorate them for his teachers.  He decided to draw them a map to his new house in New Jersey (wahhh!).  Asher loves his teachers and has had such a great year in school.  I'm really sad that we can't stay until the end of the year so he can graduate with his class, but it can't be helped.  We are grateful for the time we had here and will celebrate Asher's big achievement of finishing preschool while we are in NJ.  

Moving is so hard.  We are beyond excited to have Drew home full time (this traveling 3-4 days/week has gotten really old) but are sad to leave our friends and life here at the same time.  I know God has great things for us in New Jersey - can't wait to get there and get started!  
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