Saturday, June 27, 2015

june happenings: weeks three and four

Rainy Mondays call for a trip to the pet store to look at the animals!  Those tip toes though.

Asher has been working so hard to master this rope at the park.  He's still a little short but almost there!

On Sunday we celebrated the best daddy in the world!  Happy Father's Day, Drew!

These 3 are my whole world!

On Father's Day we went to a baptism for baby Lucas and Asher and Hadley were heating up the dance floor at the reception.  Hadley was SO thrilled to be dancing with her big brother.  

June 26th marked our 11th anniversary.  We celebrated by driving to South Carolina for our annual family beach trip.  There's nothing like 15 hours in the car with 2 kids under 6 to rekindle the romance.  ;-)  

These 2 kids were so young and thin - I like to think we still look like this.  :-)

Beach trip: coming up!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

june happenings: week two

Hadley needed something fun to do in between trips to the new house, so I signed her up for a month of Gymboree classes.  She loves it!  This month of classes really reinforced for me just how much she'll love going to preschool a couple mornings a week next year.  I'm excited for her!

I want the kids to have fun and do messy art projects, but I'm completely terrified of making a mess in my in-laws house.  They are so kind and and I know they would be nice about it, but when you are living with someone else I try really hard to keep their house as normal as possible.  Letting kids paint inside doesn't really jive with that goal.  To get around that concern we took the painting outside!  Worked great!

The new house is coming along.  They are making progress, but the move in date keeps getting pushed back.  We are getting really anxious and can't wait to move!  Being out of our own place for 5 months is too long.  Gah.

This week we went to visit my sister and her family for her new baby's sprinkle.  Asher jumped right into big brother mode towards baby Keaton and started bossing him around straight away.  This is Asher saying "no, no Keaton - look this way towards Mommy.  Say cheese!"  haha - poor K.

We also saw my parent's at Erin's house and Grammy fed Hadley's "kitty cat" obsession by bringing her the world's loudest Hello Kitty dress.  HAHA!!  Hadley prefers not to take it off for any reason.

Drew's cousin and his wife love Star Wars, so when they invited us to celebrate their baby boy's baptism I knew I had to make Lucas a special towel.  Yoda was a hit!  ;-)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

june happenings: week one

Asher recently saw the movie "Muppets Most Wanted" and he's completely obsessed.  He loves the Muppets and loves "the world's most dangerous frog, Constantine".  If you've seen the movie, you know that Constantine is Kermit's Russian doppelgänger, except that he has a mole on his cheek.  This is Asher making a mole from his chocolate chip pancake and "tricking me" into thinking he's Constantine.  His imagination and dedication to the scene cracks me up!

Speaking of obsessions, Hadley has discovered Hello Kitty (who she calls "Kitty Cat") and LOVES her.  She's Kitty Cat crazy.  We were grocery shopping this week and she spied this Hello Kitty ice cream cake and declared it "Had-dee's birt-day cake!".  

We also found a kitty cup at Target this week and she refuses to use any other cup.  I just love it when they get a new favorite.  :-)

Grandma Linda (who we're living with while our house is finished up) has a lot of fun toys, including this doll bed.  H spends a lot of time putting her babies to bed, then saying "baby waked up mommy.  You turn to hold her!"  bahaha - guess this is my grandma practice.  

Asher needed a haircut so I took him to a real life New Jersey barber shop.  I feel like that's an event that needs to be documented.  Ash has really thick hair that shows every awful cut line so someone recommended I take him to a barber shop since blending is what they do best.  I can't believe I didn't think of this myself!  It's so true!  They did a great job!  

At my in-laws house they have glass doors on the bathtubs, instead of curtains.  The kids love it when I close the door so they can splash a little without getting water everywhere.  The first time I did it Asher said "wow Mommy, it's like we are animals at the zoo!"

Yes.  Exactly.

On Thursday morning I glanced out the living room window and saw a visitor in the backyard!  It was much bigger and closer than it seems to be in this picture.  Bambi was glared at us and was clearly annoyed that the flower garden was fenced off.  haha!

 This girl cracks me up - sailing the high seas at the park.  :-)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

sesame place

The wedding party was only about 30 minutes away from Sesame Place so we decided to take all the little cousins there on Sunday.  Who doesn't love rides and Big Bird?!

Right inside the gate we ran into Super Grover.  Hadley was only excited while Daddy held her hand.  :-)

Look at this adorable crew.  I might have made the girls' shirts.  ;-)  The kids were such troopers.  It turned out to be a HOT day and really, really crowded.  Since we were in the area for a different event we didn't have a choice on when we went, but if you can choose I'd highly recommend going during the week.  Holiday weekend visits are for the birds.  

Some of the cousins are afraid of characters, so Hadley and I split off from the group when I spied Abby Cadabby.  We waited in line and gave her "BIG hug, BIG tiss!!"  I love this sweet girl!

Really though, is there anything better than seeing your kids happy and excited?

We changed the kids into their swimsuits in the afternoon and let him cool off a little in the splash areas.  Drew was the brave one who also put his suit on and took them on the lazy river.  Asher loved it!  Hadley hated the life jacket, which made the whole experience bad in her opinion.  I wished I'd had my suit.  Did I mention that it was a HOT (HOT) day?

We had such a fun day! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

a wedding celebration

Last weekend we traveled to Pennsylvania to celebrate Drew's cousin's marriage.  He and his wife were married a few months ago, but decided to wait until Memorial weekend to celebrate with their friends and family.  It was so fun to see everyone!

The day was absolutely beautiful and the outdoors made a wonderful setting for the party.  They had a tent for the tables and a dance floor - Hadley was so impressed.  She loves to dance and this "center stage" was right up her alley.  ha!

The outdoor setting made it great for the kids (there were 30 kids under 18!).  There was space for them to walk all over and they loved the lawn games.

Asher was a big fan of the buffet - ha! 

Meanwhile, Hadley personified dancing like no one's watching.  She's a hot mess and found her equal in Emmy!  These two are just a few months apart in age and had so much fun dancing together.

Haddie LOVES bigger kids and was tickled pink when her big cousins took her under their wings.  So stinkin' cute!

These two stole my heart.  There's just something about daddy and daughter dancing!  

Even when it's mostly spinning and she's laughing like crazy.  :-)  

Such a fun afternoon to spend with our family and celebrate gaining a new member!

Monday, May 25, 2015

may happenings: week three

Hadley and I went on a mommy-haddie date on Monday morning.  Starbucks have these ad-or-able mini Frapps right now and they are everything a mini drink should be.  Not as cute as the girl sipping on it, but close.

After 2 months of having my embroidery and sewing machines packed up I finally couldn't stand it any longer and busted them out.  Naturally I had to test the machine on a shirt for myself.  Had to make sure it was working properly.  ;-)

After seeing a friend with a doll booster seat I've been keeping my eyes peeled for one for Miss H.  I knew she'd love it!  I found this one at Babies R Us and it was an immediate hit!

This little sister sure looks up to her big brother.  Love them.

Asher was trying to double dutch at the party without much success so Drew handed him his beer and (literally) jumped in to show him how it's done.  I almost died laughing.  Hey, he's still got it!  

The Sunday after our family wedding event we took the kids to Sesame Place!  It was a great day and such a cute amusement park!

Drew was super dad and bravely took both kids on the lazy river by himself.  Asher loved it so much they did a second loop - Hadley, not so much. 

Happy Memorial Day!  

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