Tuesday, February 25, 2014

clowning around

Last year around this time Drew took Asher to his first ever circus.  Since Hadley was so little I stayed home with her and the boys had a special day to themselves.  Asher loved the circus and has talked about it ever since - basically making the decision to go again this year a simple one.  There was no way I missing the fun this time around so Hadley and I came too!

Until Asher protests I am absolutely, unapologetically dressing them in coordinating outfits - especially for these special events.  Love them!  ha!

Her hand on his.  I die.

Taking pictures with these 2 is always an adventure and this day was no exception.  For awhile Asher gave me his cheesiest cheese face while H diligently looked at the ground.  Winner winner.

Then he decided to plant a big kiss on her and Hadley loved it!  She was belly laughing and couldn't believe her luck.  I wish I'd been at a better angle to catch her grin - so sweet and funny.

It was our luck that Aunt Erin and Uncle Ryan were planning a trip to visit our parents this week so they were able to join us at the circus.  Asher was over - the - moon!  He loves outings of any kind, but add in some grandparents and aunts/uncles and he could hardly contain himself.

We had to take separate cars and I'm pretty sure everyone waiting to get in heard him ask 132,957x "Where is PopPop and Grammy and Aunt Erin and Uncle Ryan?  WHERE ARE THEY?"  We couldn't get to our seats to meet up with them fast enough.

Before the show there is free time on the floor where the performers come out to show a little of what they do and meet the kids.  It was chaos (naturally) and Asher got a little overwhelmed.  Some of us hung out in the seats with him while Hadley got in the thick of it with PopPop and Daddy.  This girl loves a crowd of people - ha!  And she's officially not afraid of clowns.

During the show the baby got passed back and forth the row about a million times and ate everything in my bag before finally conking out on Drew's shoulder.  Asher was a little antsy too but had fun once he got to sit on my lap.  This was my first circus and I loved it!  So fun and really neat to see in person.

I bet we go next year but it might depend on whether I can still get Asher to wear a circus tent shirt.  Just kidding (kind of).

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  1. Adorable. It is hard to take pictures of multiples, trying to take pics of my girls together and all looking is pretty much never happens!


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