Wednesday, February 26, 2014

mommy and asher time

Asher and I have had some fun times, just the two of us, recently.  This boy is so special to me and quality time is one of his (several) love languages.  There isn't much he loves more than 100% of your attention.  (except maybe dessert.  see below for more details…)

While Grammy stayed with Hadley last Tuesday Asher finished his soccer season and earned a new medal for his collection.  Perfect during the Olympics.  I was the proud Mommy snapping pictures in the stands.  :-)

For him (and all kids) the highlight was the stamp he got from Coach JJ.  Who needs a medal - give 'em a stamp!  In March he starts basketball for the first time and I can't wait to see how he does.

Then a couple Sundays ago Asher and I had a whole afternoon and evening together.  Daddy spent the day with H so I could hit the kids' museum with my boyfriend.  He loves it there!  It was crazy busy, but he stuck with it (even though he tends to get shy and overwhelmed in big crowds - me too!) and we ended up spending 3 hours playing.

With a little encouragement Asher even introduced himself to another boy while building with the blocks.  I'm amazed when I see ways that he's totally growing out of toddlerhood and into boyhood.  This seemed like a very mature social interaction to me!  It's hard for me to believe that my little baby is now able to initiate friendships.  He's definitely becoming more independent, little by little.

After the museum we kept the date rolling with dinner.  Turns out Asher's 2nd love language is milkshakes.  Or all desserts.  Or both.

If you're worried about poor Hadley and Drew at home, don't be.  While we were out I received this text photo.  I'm pretty sure these love doves were doing just fine.  ha - cutie pies!

Asher and I had a wonderful day together.  H and I get a lot of quality time together while Ash is at school so I cherish these extra times to focus on my little guy and make some memories.

Back at ya, kiddo.


  1. So glad you got some big boy time! These boys are getting so old so fast. Looks like you two made the most of your day…and that pic of Drew and H! Melt my heart!

  2. Adorable!! I love the look on Hadley's face as she's looking at Drew. Could these kids be any cuter? :)


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