Thursday, March 13, 2014

showering erin's little man

A few days ago I got a very exciting weekend away to travel to Pennsylvania for my sister Erin's baby shower!

If you read Erin's blog you will know just how loved and anticipated this little boy is.  Last summer we thought that Ryan and Erin would be adopting a little one and we planned this shower for October.  Color everyone surprised when we found out in early September that she was pregnant and due in April!  Yay!!  The shower got bumped back a few months and I was thrilled to finally finish up the plans and enjoy celebrating our nephew-to-be.

Mom, Jenn, and I were able to spend the whole weekend with Erin and had so much fun seeing the nursery, shopping, and eating lots of amazing desserts.

At the shower Erin was beaming the whole time.  She is so sweet and obviously already in love with her little man.

Mom and I made this diaper cake for Erin - I just adore the cutie alligator!

In typical shower fashion, the pile of gifts was kind of overwhelming.  Everyone wants to spoil little man and his parents.  :-)

Turns out Erin has the most talented friends and family - she received 3 homemade blankets, all of which are gorgeous.

My mom made her this beautiful white crocheted blanket, just like she made for Asher and Hadley.  Such a special gift from Grammy.

We love you Erin and can't WAIT to meet little mister!!

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  1. I had to comment-found your blog from the H monogram group on FB. I have a Hadley too…exactly 1 year and a day younger than yours-crazy! She's precious! Let me know if you have other stuff you're selling-my Hadley's tiny too! :-)


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